PacFish 3.2

With PacFish, you dive into an underwater world with a feel like PacMan

Are you looking for a new game, but you want it to make you remember the good old classics?
Look no more! With PacFish you have to get ready to dive into a new world! An underwater world with a feel like the PacMan classic.

PacFish lives in a beautiful sea with plenty to eat all around the pacific mazes.
However, there are some dangerous underwater creatures that will try to outwit PacFish in his pursuit for food. You will find sharks, jellyfish, crabs and many others. Some will seem to be one step ahead and predict PacFish's moves.

The game is a reminiscence of the Classic PacMan, set in a marine environment that includes bonuses and rewards along the way. Get ready to play through 72 levels of challenges and surprises.

Rich colors and graphics, additional underwater scenery like shipwrecks. The gently moving marine plants adorn the underwater mazes. The game can be so soothing and yet challenging that you will not want to stop playing!

If you add to all this a relaxing Caribbean soundtrack, PacFish is sure to become your favorite family game!

Fernando Soni
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  • Many levels to play


  • Very difficult to control movements
  • Not realistic
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